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Cairns College of English & Business

Cairns, Australia

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About Cairns

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Cairns is located on the north-eastern coast of Australia in the state of Queensland. Cairn sis one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia. We have a tropical climate: beautiful one day... perfect the next! That's the best way to describe Cairns'weather' which brings sunny days most of the year. The city has a fantastic mix of nationalities, bringing together the laid-back locals, backpackers, students, entrepreneurs and the southern "city clickers"! It is a very friendly city, where you can easily make friends!
It is safe city and has a low cost of living. With its lush rainforest to the west, colourful Great Barrier Reef to the east and soft, sandy beaches in between, you will fall in love with this tropical paradise!

1. Cairns voted"most friendly" by the Australian Travel magazine
2. Welcoming and safe city
3. Friendly and hospitable locals
4. Relaxed lifestyle and easy living
5. Warm tropical climate makes it summer all year round
6. Multi-cultural population catering for all tastes in food, fashion and fun
7. Over 600 activities available
8. The city center is easy to navigate and most things are within walking distance, including the ocean
9. World Heritage listed natural area offering an array of outdoor activities for both young and old

The School

1. great location
2. Strict English Only Policy
3. Accredited courses and quality services
4. Great nationality mix
5. School owned cafe and tour agent
6. Variety of activities
7. Work experience in our Customer Service course
8. Personal study curriculum
9. Qualified and experienced teachers
10. English language and vocational courses available

Cairns College of English & Business, Cairns, Australia

67 Lake Street, PO Box 6210, 4870 Cairns, Australia