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Worldwide School of English

Auckland, New Zealand

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Worldwide School of English. Auckland. New Zealand

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Worldwide School of English offers many different English language courses to satisfy many different students' requirements.

Our teaching is based on the most up-to-date communicative method of teaching English and is designed to involve students as much as possible in their learning. We create an enjoyable and warm learning environment in our classrooms. Our students are actively involved in communicating with the teachers and with each other. Students are expected to talk, give opinions and be involved in their learning as well as study hard.

Worldwide School is located in central Auckland city.

We are inside The Strand Building, 233-237 Queen St, a four storey classic Victorian 1900's building. We are on level 3 and 4. Although the building is old and beautiful on the outside, the inside of the school is modern. We renovated the inside completely in 2008. On the third floor we have classrooms, a recreation area, prayer room, a kitchen and bathrooms. On the fourth floor is our administration area, teachers' room and library/self study area, internet computer room, our movie theatre, recreational outdoor deck area, student lounge with kitchen, bathrooms and more classrooms.

Near Worldwide School there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, bars, movie theatres, the central train station, bus stops and many important companies and buildings as well as 2 Universities and other tertiary institutes. We are also just 5 minutes walk to the beautiful harbour area. It is a great location for students.

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Worldwide School of English, Auckland, New Zealand

80 Anzac Ave, 1010 Auckland, New Zealand