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Academia Tica

San Jose, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica: A beautiful country!

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Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in the world for travellers with tourism booming in recent decades. By booking a holiday to Costa Rica you will get to see miles of beautiful beaches, stunning rainforests, amazing wildlife, beautiful natural wonders, rich cultures and warm and friendly people. This country is also very safe and there is modern infrastructure for travelers - thousands of people visit every year on vacations and gap years - you will be blown away by the natural beauty and range of travel opportunities available. Search our travel and gap year packages and you will get to see the highlights and get an authentic experience. This country really does have everything! Get inspired to visit Costa Rica today.



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Academia Tica Spanish School

Academia Tica is proud to be one of the first Spanish schools in Costa Rica and one of the longest standing since 1986. The school is an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center working with the latest in international standards and methodology. The school offers volunteering, internship and group programs as well as different activities to combine with Spanish language classes.

Our course offer starts at 20 group lessons per week which you can combine with 5 or 10 private lessons. You can also take individual Spanish lessons from 2 to 30 per week. The classes are held in small groups (max. 6 students) and all our teachers are highly-trained native speakers. There are many different activities involved in and out of class, this will make learning more dynamic and useful. Students will be learning about Costa Rican, Latin American and Hispanic culture.

­The campuses are two oasis for studying, located in very interesting locations: Coronado, a authentic Costa Rican town near the capital city of San José and at the foot of Braulio Carrillo National Park, an important protected rainforest. Jacó Beach, our second location, is the surf mecca of the Central Pacific, attracting visitors for its constant good waves and its amazing surrounding nature.

Why study at Academia Tica?

- Academia Tica has more than 30 years of experience, is one of the few Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centers and DELE Exam Centers in Central America.

- Academia Tica uses a carefully structured and refined method to make students learn fast and in a fun way: “Fun classes, serious learning”!

- Both our locations (Coronado & Jacó Beach) have safe facilities with big tropical gardens and comfortable classrooms. Our campuses are placed in easy-access locations near tourist attractions and authentic Costa Rican venues, restaurants, cafés, bars, etc.

- While studying, there is still so much to enjoy after class or during the weekends. In the Tourism Services Desk, students can ask for trip information and book directly at the school at the same prices they’ll find online or with tour operators.

- ­The school employs only the most experienced and prepared teachers, friendly and motivated. We use weekly surveys from our students and monthly evaluations from external observers to ensure classes are being taught by the best.

Academia Tica

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Academia Tica, San Jose, Costa Rica

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