Awards 2015

Best Language School in Spain (2015)

Best Language School in Spain 2015

hispania – Escuela de Espanol, Valencia, Spain

EducationStars Award – Voted by Students – Best Language School in Spain – 2015

Victoria Sanahuja from hispania, valencia, spain writes:

Dear friends, Hispania escuela de español has won for third consecutive year this prestigious and important prize. We have won the prize to the Best Spanish Language School in Spain voted by students, from Education Stars.
We would like to say first of all thank you to EDUCATION STARS team for having done such a professional job and for the great idea they had creating a web site where students can give their opinions about language schools. Secondly we would like to thank all Hispania Team because they show every day a lot of enthusiasm and love to Hispania, escuela de español and they are very professional in their sector. Finally, we would like to say a big big thank you to all our students, because they trust us and they believe in our school, without them we would not be the BEST SPANISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL. Loved students, this prize is yours! ¡Muchas gracias por mostrar siempre lo mejor de nuestra escuela!

Hispania, escuela de español opened its doors in 2002 with the idea of creating a philosophy of life through the teaching of Spanish language in which humanity, tolerance and positivity prevailed over other aspects.

Since then it has constantly been growing in number of students and popularity, now being the most popular school in Valencia.

Although we grew fast, we never lost our homely and warm atmosphere.
In Hispania, students will find a home where they can learn Spanish, learn about Spanish culture while making friends from around the world.

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